Tween Calm Posters

Tween Calm Posters


The Calm Cards for Tweens Poster set consists of ten beautifully illustrated A3-size classroom posters designed to promote positive mental health for tweens (8 to 12 year-olds). The posters focus on helping tweens to practice mindfulness and self-compassion in their daily lives. Each poster promotes one different mental health skill.


Also available: Calm Cards for Tweens (Cards) – same message & artwork


Calm Cards for Tweens – Posters in this set:

  • Just breathe
  • Be here now
  • Be your own best friend
  • You are just right
  • You are loved
  • All your feelings are OK
  • Don’t believe everything you think
  • Kindness is a Superpower
  • Breathing makes it better
  • Your best is good enough

Product Details: 10 X A3 Posters (Size: 420 × 297 mm) – Printed colour on 300 g/sm (includes polypropylene sleeve for safekeeping)

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