"Look Who's Here" Cards

"Look Who's Here" Cards


The "Look Who is Here" Cards set consists of ten beautifully illustrated laminated cards to help explore emotions with children. Each card represents a different emotion and has prompts, questions and statements on the back for discussing, exploring and managing each specific emotion.


Who’s Visiting Now Cards in this set:

  • Sad Sandrina – When Sad is here to visit
  • Shy Cecil – When Shy is here to visit
  • Worried Walter – When Worried is here to visit
  • Angry Angelina – When Angry is here to visit
  • Embarrassed Enda – When Embarrassed is here to visit
  • Excited Edmund – When Excited is here to visit
  • Frightened Philomena – When Frightened is here to visit – 
  • Happy Harriet – When Happy is here to visit 
  • Nervous Nelly – When Nervous is here to visit
  • Shocked Cedric – When Shocked is here to visit


Product Details: 10 X A6 Cards (Size: 100 × 140 mm) – Printed colour on 300 g/sm – Laminated (includes polypropylene sleeve for safekeeping)


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